5 Genres That Improve Creativity


Studies have shown that, when it comes to creativity, you are what you listen to.
The right tunes can help you boost your mood, concentration and enhance your creative process. However, there are certain genres that are sure shot winners when it comes to improving creativity.
1. Classical Music:
Classical Music has clarity, elegance, and transparency. It can improve concentration, memory, and perception.
2. Jazz:
Harmonic progressions can uplift and inspire, and release deep joy and sadness. Over the years, Jazz has become a remedy to those with the dreadful ‘creative block’.
3. Blues:
Blues also has a similar effect as Jazz on one’s creative mind, however having a more soothing outcome.
4. Country:
The heart of a country song can be identified by the uncomplicated chord progression in its foundation. This characteristic can be appealing to a listener who feels more comfortable which musical structure that can be followed easily, therefore leading to a better flow of thought.
5. Rock:
It helps to stimulate active movement, release tension, and reduce the effect of other loud, unpleasant sounds in the environment, which in turn helps the creative process.



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