4 Pearls Of ‘Sound Intel’ by Walter Werzowa

What’s the sound you associate Intel with? Chances are, you’re thinking about the ‘bong-bong bong-bong’ sound. Known as the ‘Intel Bong’, this carefully engineered sound was created to tell the story of the brand within 3 seconds. Since then, it’s become one of most significant mnemonics we associate the brand with today.

Is this pure luck? Or is there science behind it?

Walter Werzowa, creator of the Intel Bong and founder of The MusicMedicine Consultancy Gmbh, believes that creativity, like any other subject, has a process, logic and purpose behind it. And if understood and harnessed well, is capable of influencing an entire generation of culture. In the first episode of BrandMusiq LABS he shares 4 pieces of ‘intel’ on creating a powerful sonic asset for brands.

Lesson 1: Embrace the Magic Of AI

‘For those starting their career in the audio and sound industry, it can seem overwhelming to create the right sound for brands. But the key is to capture brand emotion with the power of AI (artificial intelligence), which offers a plethora of opportunities to harness. The beauty of AI is that it can perform complex tasks easily, providing a whole new world of creating an audio experience. Oftentimes, when junior audio and sound engineers struggle, I remind them that creativity is a process that needs time, purpose and consistency to produce something beautiful’.

Lesson 2: Tell A Powerful Story In 3 Seconds

‘When Intel asked me to communicate their brand story in 3 seconds, I laughed. But shortly, I realised the huge challenge ahead of me. The one question I kept thinking was, “How do I communicate Intel’s brand story in 3 seconds?”. And the answer was their brand essence. As a technology pioneer, they’re precise, consistent, and almost Germanic in their approach. So it was essential that their sound reflected and communicated that’.

Lesson 3: Everyday, ISN’T Inspiration Day

‘In the last 20 years in this industry, I’ve realised that society and school don’t train us to be creative. They train us to be logical and repetitive. And most creative professionals hinge on ‘inspiration striking’ rather than creating it. So, they often feel burnt out and uninspired when they don’t get the next BIG idea. Just like a melody is built with many purposeful layers, creativity too needs the same environment’.

Lesson 4: Audio Personalisation Is The Key To Building A Stronger Brand

‘Picture this. You are at a sports store, and are surrounded by the entire sonic experience of being in a sports environment. Right from the time you enter, each touchpoint is a curated earpoint, which you interact with to purchase your favourite shoe. But really, you’re not just buying a shoe, but getting immersed into a world of unparalleled customer experience’.

Uncover more such pieces of wisdom on BrandMusiq LABS episode with Walter Werzowa.

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