MUSE - Musical Strategy Exercise

MUSE is at the heart of everything we do; it is a powerful amalgamation of Western psychology, Indian classical arts, and modern audio science. Through this intricate process, we identify the essence of your brand and distil it down to a sonic palette – sounds that can communicate with global customers, while remaining relevant for each individual market that the brand serves.

The Musical Strategy Exercise is a three stage process:

  • Step 1. The Brand Discovery Workshop
  • Step 2. The co-creation of Sonic Moodboards
  • Step 3. Unveiling the MOGOSCAPE® and MOGO® for your brand

Brand Discovery Workshop

Avatar and Rasa

In the Brand Discovery Workshop, we analyse your brand as if it were a human being and through this workshop arrive at the avatar and rasa of the brand. The potent combination of avatar + rasa allows your sonic identity to express itself across the spectrum of emotions that connect with the heart, eliciting desired responses from your customers.

Sonic Moodboards

The leap from paper to music is often challenging, especially at the evaluative stage. That’s why we have an intermediate stage to share sketches of sounds to help clients identify their brand's zone of sound.


In this digital era, music and sound play an equally important role as the visual in creating a brand’s identity. Which is why a brand needs a MOGO®.

A MOGO® is essentially a short form for ‘musical logo’. It is the sonic essence of a brand in musical terms and evokes its core values, emotions and persona.

The MOGOSCAPE® is the sonic palette of the brand. Embedded within which is the MOGO®.

Earpoint (Sonic Touchpoint) Mapping

The Earpoint Mapping Exercise is a detailed exploration of the brand touchpoint or earpoints where the Sonic Identity is most likely to be heard.


From finance to fashion and retail to F&B, this is how we add emotions to brands.