Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes And Miss Me’.

4 Brand Jingles That Wooed Us With Their Sounds Of Love

We all have a favourite jingle of love. And if you’ve grown up watching ads, we can agree that certain brands have cracked the ‘sonic code to love’.

Whether it’s finding romance in moments with Cadbury Silk’s ‘Kiss Me’, or feeling nostalgic love with Vodafone’s ‘You And I’, some brands have pioneered the space of romantic jingles in advertising. Here are our top 4 picks.

The Song Of Romantic Moments

Cadbury Silk – “Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes And Miss Me”

Delightful. Innocent. Memorably romantic.

Cadbury Silk’s jingle has wooed fans since 2010, and captured love in different moments. It’s the tune that reflects modern Indian life and how love can be shared in the most unexpected moments. Ask any ad nut, and they’ll tell give you a hundred different reasons why they LOVE this tune

A Jingle Of Modern Romance

Coke– ‘Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho”

An interesting fact about this ad jingle, it’s actually a remixed version of an old Bollywood song. Created for one of Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaigns, it’s a tune of modern age love with a twist.

The Sound Of Flirtatious Love

Close Up – “Paas Aao”

Close-Up has always been known for their ‘minty-fresh’ toothpaste. But more than that, their ‘Paas Aao’ campaign from the early 2000s, introduced us to the jingle of flirtatious love. Capturing various moments of playful romance, this was a tune that represented a new generation of love.

The Tune Of Everlasting True Love

Vodafone – “You and I”

When Vodafone (then Hutch) launched their brand campaign, ‘You and I’ became an overnight phenomenon. The simplicity of the tune with the meaningful lyrics stole our hearts and ears, and could be heard everywhere!

Would these brands consider elevating these love songs from mere jingles to a long term sonic identity?’

Let us know your thoughts.


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