The Emotional Resonance Of Sonic Branding; How Sound Connects Us To Brands.

Discover the symphony of emotions behind sonic branding. Unravel the intricate connection between sound and brand identity as we explore the neuroscience, culture, and nostalgia that shape our perception. Immerse yourself in the power of MOGO®️ and learn how a single musical logo can instantly ignite an emotional connection.

Sonic branding or the strategic use of sound and music, has become an essential element in modern advertising. It engages consumers on a visceral level, creating emotional connections that drive loyalty, engagement an a unique experience of the brand. In this article, we will delve into the emotional side of sonic branding and examine how four key aspects contribute to its effectiveness.

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The Neuroscience of Sound

To understand the emotional power of sonic branding, we need to look at how our brains process sound. When we hear a piece of music or a familiar sound, our brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and reward. This chemical reaction creates a strong emotional bond between the listener and the sound, leading to a deeper connection with the brand.

A prime example of this in the Indian market is the jingle for the popular instant noodle brand Maggi. The tune has become synonymous with the product, evoking memories of childhood and home-cooked meals, and prompting an emotional response from consumers. So if you ask any average Indian, many of them may even sing “Maggi, Maggi, Maggi” when they’re making it. That’s how powerful the right sound can be. Check out their iconic ad below.

Video link: Maggi's classic jingle

Sound as a Cultural Connector

Music and sound connects us to our cultural roots and creates a sense of belonging and brands have leveraged this to build an emotional bond with their target audience. By using sounds and music that resonate with different cultures, they can tap into the audience's shared memories and experiences. This can be specifically useful for larger industry brands, like those in finance or FMCG.

When we created a sonic identity for Federal Bank, it had to embody the ‘Caregiver and Creator’ persona of the brand as well as appeal to different demographics. The tunes we infused into their sonic scape, lent itself well to communicating the brand’s essence : “Human At The Core, Digital At The Fore’. Have a listen to how it was adapted.

FedBank link

The Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia can be a powerful emotional trigger in sonic branding. When we evoke this feeling, brands can forge a bond with consumers based on shared experiences and memories. It’s a common yet powerful strategy that brands like Cadbury, Pepsi and Vicks have used in the past. But is this emotion still powerful in a modern context?

Enter, Raymond— one of India’s oldest menswear brands. Loved by millions for their fabrics and suits, their iconic tune defined “The Complete Man” for decades.

The soundscape became synonymous with the brand and hardwired into their sonic language. So we drew on this nostalgic feeling when we adapted their sonic identity.

For their Linen line, known for its lively and breathable qualities, we created a vibrant and playful adaptation with upbeat rhythms and cheerful melodies which captured the essence of its freshness and carefree nature, evoking a sense of energy and joy in the audience.

Video Link:

Their ‘VIBEZ’ printed fabrics line had bold and vibrant designs. So we infused a zesty adaptation that featured energetic beats, dynamic instrumentation, and catchy hooks that reflected the vivaciousness of the printed fabrics.

Video link

Instant Recognition and Emotional Connection With Just A MOGO®️

A MOGO®️ or a Musical Logo is a short, distinctive sonic asset that encapsulates the essence of a brand. It enables instant recognition and creates a strong emotional connection with the consumer. The power of a MOGO®️ lies in its ability to trigger an emotional response without any accompanying visuals.

So when we got the global mandate to build Mastercard’s sonic identity, we had to reflect the brand’s ‘Priceless’ value and ‘Everyman’ persona through their sonic asset. We distilled these qualities and built different iterations of one asset. Have a look below

Video link


The emotional impact of sonic branding should never be underestimated. With the strategic use of sounds, brands can foster deeper and meaningful connections with their consumers, proving that the right sound can make all the difference


Brandmusiq's sonic innovations bagged awards at the Best Audio Brand Report 2022 for two iconic brands: the globally recognised MOGO® for Mastercard Global, and the ubiquitous sound for HDFC Bank.

Lenovo’s Music Balm wins under the Audio Marketing category of the ISA Better Sound Awards 2022