HDFC Bank - Hitting the right notes

In an industry that is highly regulated, steeped in similar practices and offerings - HDFC Bank decided to break through the clutter with its new sonic identity that plays out at over 12,000 ATMs, its branches, its TVCs and its digital content. The sound of HDFC was a balance between the current stature of HDFC Bank (trusted, solid) with its desired avatar (progressive and evolving).

Earpoints: ATM alerts, TVC, Digital Content Assets, Call hold, Ring tones, Caller tunes, Branch Displays, Branch Alerts, In-App Notifications

BrandSpeak: " The intention is to create an emotional engagement among various stakeholders ranging from a farmer in the rural India to urban city dweller and from a government employee to a corporate one, through the use of sonic branding across platforms."

Industry: Financial Services


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